Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just stuff

I recently got a continuous ink system for my printer.  It was the best decision I have made printer wise.  I have been printing out all kinds of patterned paper lately.  It's for cards and other paper creations I am thinking of making.  I used to not want to print out those colorful pages, but now, I am not afraid of running out of ink.  I have a Canon ip4200.  It has seperate cartridges for each color as I hate the all in one color cartridges.  I am even planning on printing some digital scrapbooking pages now that I can print them without wondering just how much ink I have left.  I have had so much fun printing lately that I just had to share.


Sara said...

Wow Rhonda... That is so awesome! You are no longer limited in what you can do! I am glad to hear that you are liking the new digital papers, so of them that I have seen are just beautiful! Happy Creating! Sara

K Andrew said...

Hi Rhonda, I just found you and am now a follower! Thank you for following me!
I am intrigued by the continuous ink--is it a wide format? can it print up to 12"???

Rhonda P said...

No it's not a wide format printer. I wish it was. They do make the continuous ink systems for almost if not all printers though. I highly recommend it.