Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Blog candy?

I am thinking of doing a blog candy give away to increase my followers.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what rules to use and what kind of candy would everyone be interested in?  I am looking for some suggestions.  I have been cleaning up in my craft room and reorganizing things and I have found some duplicate things and somethings that are new in package that I have never used.  This could give me a way to clear out a few things.  Let me know what you think.


susies1955 said...

I had a few giveaways on my blog. I've increased my following to 700. I think I've lost some because I'm not painting my nails like I was. :)
You could be sure to have the FOLLOW me rule and the advertise my giveaway on your blog rule. :)
I would say have a giveaway in line with what your blog is about paper crafts items. etc.
There are probably more following you than you realize. I follow you with google friend connect.
You have made some great cards and crafts. :)

sweetgirlinky said...

Thats a great idea!!