Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Fuse - Some Good News for Me

So, as anyone who reads my blog knows, I have the new Fiskars Fuse.  I really wanted a Big Shot Pro, but couldn't afford the lump sum purchase price.  The fuse was available on flex pay, so I went for it.  I love the cuts I have done so far, but I really want to do some large (sizzix pro die) cuts.  I don't have any large dies yet, but I have one ordered.  I searched the fuse manual and was set for disappointment.  The pro dies were not listed in the compatibility section.  I was prepared to send my new toy back and wait until I could afford the other one.  I was so sad.  Then, I came upon a post.  She has tested the pro dies and they work. So happy I don't have to send my new toy back.  My cutting plates, adapter and die are due to be delivered tomorrow.  I am so excited to play this weekend.  Now I have got to go home and clean that craft room.  Boy is it a mess.