Sunday, August 26, 2012

Video of Album for my Mom

This is one of my first Youtube videos.  Please keep that in mind when you watch it.  Hopefully I will get better with filming.  Thanks!


..Karen said...

Your album is gorgeous!!!! I love everything about it and especailly love all the extra hidden pages!! : )

Danielle said...

Rhonda, your album is absolutely beautiful! You can so tell how much love and time went into its creation. I'm sure your mom will adore it and the photos that will go into it. Thanks so much for going through it page by page... what a treat to watch!

Konnie with a K said...

Rhonda, great job on your album. I am so envious of all of your Timmy dies. I have some but have not been able to find the globe and clock face. You are very talented.