Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So I was playing around with Photoshop Elements 9 again the other day.  My son plays in the Cal Ripkin League here in our county.  They had been having a rough season so far.  Lots of lost games and the boys were getting pretty down.  I started toying with the idea of doing baseball cards for them to lift their spirits at the game last Friday night.  They were playing really good.  It ended up with them winning the game with a mercy ruling.  Normally the ending of the game was the other way around with us losing with a mercy ruling.  (For those who don't know, 14 runs ahead before the 4th inning and 10 runs in the 4th or after is called using the mercy ruling).  So I just had to do the cards.  I didn't want to sit and do the template myself, even though I could have.  Much too time consuming.  So I started looking for templates online.  You would be suprised at how little I found.  I finally found what I wanted at http://www.ashedesign.com/.  They turned out great.  The boys and the parents loved them.  They won the game last night 6 - 17 in the fourth inning.  I am so proud of them.