Saturday, June 16, 2012


So I bought a Bosskut Gazelle last year when they had the sale on them.  Mine was on order so I got to pay payments on it until they were ready to ship.  I had been using a cricut to cut things on and I was pretty hit or miss with it, mostly miss.  So, when I got my Gazelle, I was afraid I would be disappointed with it.  I cut a few things but never got around to really playing with it.  That is until this week.  The small town I work for is having a festival this weekend.  It has been years since the festival (Warfield Liberty Festival) has been held so we are starting it back almost from scratch.  I was asked to help make banners for floats for Saturday's parade.  I am so impressed by my Gazelle.  It cuts like a dream.  I am so happy.  I cut a few things from cardstock, but we decided not to use them.  I cut out vinyl lettering and images for the banners.  This is the first time I had used the trace image feature.  It was so easy.  I love this machine.