Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I ordered a new toy!

Well, I was flipping channels and I saw the new Fiskars Fuse on HSN.  I have been wanting a larger (12 inch) die cutter.  I have been thinking maybe the Sizzix Pro one, but was not able to commit to it.  I love my Big Shot, but I really want to cut the bigger dies.  Since my birthday is only 2 months away, I told my hubby I wanted the Fuse.  Woo Hoo!  I now have one on order.  I can't wait to get it in.  I like the way the letterpress and embossing look.  I usually use my embossing folders to do something similar to that.  I am wondering about the adapter kit.  I didn't order that yet.  I am hoping to be able to use a coupon on that when it hits the stores.  HSN had a lot of stuff to go with the Fuse in the launch, so I will make due with that if the adapters are needed for the dies I already have until I can buy it.

I am a die addict.  I have so many.  I catch them on sale at different places or I use a coupon when out shopping.  I love how easy it is to cut with them when you need to many of the same image in the same size.  Sizzix.com has the greatest outlet area.  Every time I get the money to burn (not very often), I go and order enough to get free shipping.  Usually they have new stuff at great discounts by the time I get enough money saved to do a big order.  I do have a bunch (embarrassing amount really) of Spellbinder dies.  I just wish they would cut thicker things.  I love die cutting my own chipboard elements and frames.  I also have some Quickcut dies too.   That collection hasn't been growing for very long.